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On Sex Positive Me, we explore all aspects of sex and relationships, ranging from Fetishes and BDSM to Ethical Non-monogamy and LGBTQ issues.

Sex Positive Me destigmatizes sexual practices and relationships while reconciling reality with myths & misconceptions.

Our goal is to educate, entertain and be advocates of sexual freedom. Copyright Angelique Luna
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In this episode, we celebrated Masturbation May with a chat with The Pussy Priestess, Josefina Bashout. This woman knows her stuff and had magic! The short meditation exercise we did, on-air, left
11th May 2021
54 minutes
As we close out Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Awareness Month, we chatted with Kolee from the Practicalsaint Talks podcast about her childhood trauma all the way to her journey of healing.
28th Apr 2021
41 minutes
Right Response Consulting works with law enforcement, businesses and educational institutions on training & investigations of sexual assault, harassment & domestic/workplace violence. We had the
20th Apr 2021
55 minutes
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. In
14th Apr 2021
37 minutes
We are kicking off Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Awareness month with Rosalia Rivera from CONSENTParenting and AboutCONSENT Podcast.

We had a very informative, insightful, and
7th Apr 2021
45 minutes
In this episode, our guests were Executive Producer & Story Coach Reba Sparrow and Co-Producer Eric Scheur of The Mystery Box Show.  We discuss about the birth of The Mystery Box Show as it started
30th Mar 2021
46 minutes
This week we veered away from our usual topics of relationships and kink to talk about a tragedy that could have been prevented and is being reported on through a skewed lens. On Tuesday, March 16th
23rd Mar 2021
46 minutes
This week we spoke with Christine Delozier about her book "Diet For Great Sex". We really enjoyed the read as it had the right balance of information, history, health benefits, and humor!! She
16th Mar 2021
50 minutes
A Certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra Practitioner, and International Pleasure Coach and self-professed "Kinky Bitch"! That's how our guest described herself and we touched on all the bases. Tyomi
3rd Mar 2021
1 hour
This week we decided to take one for the team! Meaning you, our audience.  HBO MAX has a documentary called 'There is no "I" in threesome' and holy train wreck. Everything that we teach, preach and
24th Feb 2021
42 minutes
"There's no point in having sex if you don't enjoy it!". That's a quote from our interview with Ms. Meka Nicole and we couldn't agree more.
Meka is the creator of Sex and Sensuality® an
16th Feb 2021
51 minutes
Real research on sexual stimulation! By real, we mean research under strict reproducible scientific guidelines. Not for the purpose of reproduction but for pleasure, physical health, and mental
9th Feb 2021
52 minutes
In this episode, we interviewed Meg "the Dildo Queen". This self-described "kinky mofo" has come a long way from her internship at Disney where no sex toys or dildos were allowed. That repressive
2nd Feb 2021
54 minutes
"My sister gave me a sex swing because her new boyfriend did not want it because of her old boyfriend.  From a previous business, we had a very expensive stitching machine.  Move forward a few years
26th Jan 2021
46 minutes
In this episode, we chatted with Joli Hamilton a research psychologist, AASECT certified sexuality educator, and a sex & relationship coach. She has a new & exciting book, Project Relationship: The
19th Jan 2021
1 hour
Ekaterina (Kate) Timofeeva is a Food Freedom & Pleasure coach who helps women end their food & body obsession, and tap into their sexuality so they can experience full-body orgasms. We always said
12th Jan 2021
46 minutes
What's your New Year's vision? We mean your sex and relationship vision! Are you looking for love, for play, for new toys, activities, or new partners? For us, it's open minded friends and playmates
5th Jan 2021
42 minutes
On this episode, our guest was Heather C. Montgomery, founder and CEO of the sex-positive social platform, PleazeMe
( She created this entertaining and informative site as a means
20th Oct 2020
53 minutes
This week we welcomed Coralyn Jewel to talk about her new book “When The Ice Melts”. It’s the story of her life journey from an Olympic hopeful and skating instructor to an adult performer, club
6th Oct 2020
51 minutes
We chatted with Chole from the podcast of Stripper Stories. What kind of stories her podcast has from fellow strippers? Well they are pretty funny.

We talked about how different it is
30th Sep 2020
50 minutes
We chatted with Devyn Stone A.K.A. Sir Horror (He/Him) about his books on cigar play and his focus on diversity. With the help of his community help create his book, "DAMN! THAT'S A NICE ASH!”, to
16th Sep 2020
52 minutes
Talking to Adelita Monterio a psychologist and couples therapist from Brazil! From all the places in the world to find someone that works with the Ethical Non-Monogamy group. We were curious how it
19th Aug 2020
51 minutes
Ever heard of pumping. No, we are not talking about breast pumping. And no, not a tire but yes, a body part. To be more specific, a penis, or a nipple, or a vulva, or … Well, you get the point. John
28th Jul 2020
1 hour
Sexy, smart, and business savvy. That’s what we said after chatting with Layna Landry on how the adult industry has changed from when she first started 5 years ago to the evolution of online fan
21st Jul 2020
53 minutes
Curious about men’s pleasure? Then we have an episode for you. We had a chat with Kristin Moore from BoneYard toys and they have a line to products specifically for men. From cock rings and lube
18th Jun 2020
44 minutes
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