E117: Orgasmic Science

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Real research on sexual stimulation! By real, we mean research under strict reproducible scientific guidelines. Not for the purpose of reproduction but for pleasure, physical health, and mental health. Our first question was "Why weren't apart of their study?". That was a part of our conversation with Nicole Prause, Ph.D. She is a sexual psychophysiologist, with specialized training in neuroscience, statistics, and addictions and has worked with the Kinsey Institute, World Health Organization, and Harvard University.

Her research was enlightening on the effects of clitoral stimulation in relation to feelings of closeness and the need to have a romantic connection. Science says you don't need a romantic connection to reap these benefits of a good orgasm. This led to our discovery that science has proven a connection between arousal and hunger. Imagine a diet where sexual arousal was a recommended remedy for dealing with hunger! You gotta love science!

She shared her personal experiences on the discrimination and persecution against the doctors and researchers who study sex. There is a real danger, professionally and physically, caused by unfounded conspiracy theories and intensional fake news. This was shocking that in the 21st century, there are still groups that believe some knowledge forbidden.

Nicole Prause's Bio
Nicole Prause, Ph.D. is a sexual psychophysiologist, with specialized training in neuroscience, statistics, and addictions. She is a consultant to the World Health Organization and a faculty member for the doctoral program at the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes. She has over 80 peer-reviewed publications. Her research has focused on the general health benefits of sexual stimulation.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiberosCenter

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