E116: The Meg

Sex Positive Me
In this episode, we interviewed Meg "the Dildo Queen". This self-described "kinky mofo" has come a long way from her internship at Disney where no sex toys or dildos were allowed. That repressive environment quickly brought her rebel side out. Since then she's been in adult sales, store management, product development, and adult modeling. I guess you could say she went from Disney to dildos. Now she's created her own line of unique products.

Meg's Bio
Meg is a jill of all sexy trades. She’s worked in porn, taught classes, ran tradeshow booths, done published toy reviews, and managed adult stores. She’s a true sex toy nerd. Her ultimate goal is to open up conversations around sexuality so people can make educated choices for their own bodies. You can join her in getting the conversation going via social media. Check her out on IG/Tiktok at @thedillyqueen and Onlyfans/pornhub @thedildoqueen. Her heart-shaped paddles and awful waffles can be found on Etsy/IG at @queenofhurtsco

Meg's Social Media
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thedildoqueen/
TikTok: @thedillyqueen
Etsy: @queenofhurtsco
OnlyFans/Pornhub: @thedildoqueen

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