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E114: Project Relationship

Sex Positive Me
In this episode, we chatted with Joli Hamilton a research psychologist, AASECT certified sexuality educator, and a sex & relationship coach. She has a new & exciting book, Project Relationship: The Entrepreneur's Action Plan for Passionate, Sustainable Love. This book does read like a business book with assessments, action steps, and tools that are related to relationships. Not what you normally think about a relationship book but offers several exercises that are eye-opening.

We discussed the importance of why it is important to do action steps and to have the money talk. Most of us see this as an uncomfortable topic but it's a must-do for successful relationships. Also, did you know you can design your own unique relationship and create a ritual to successfully keep the flame of desire going?

We also discussed her great TedX Talk about Comperison - The Opposite of Jealousy. She explained why comperison is so important in a relationship and creating the type of relationship you want to have.

Joli Hamilton

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