E108: Devyn Stone

Sex Positive Me
We chatted with Devyn Stone A.K.A. Sir Horror (He/Him) about his books on cigar play and his focus on diversity. With the help of his community help create his book, "DAMN! THAT'S A NICE ASH!”, to show the diversity of folks in doing cigar play.

Devyn explains what 840 is and means in reference to his property. Yes, I said property!. We found it mind-blowing and fascinating how he explains the relationship dynamic of him and 840.

Devyn is open about his past trauma and mental health disorders. Describes how 840 helps him with daily life and being in crowds.

We talk about the title “Master” how has it change with the current political climate. Since they have been problematic terms for many, many, many years. We did touch a bit about how his past affects his views on the words.

Finally, talk about his classes and books. There is so much information jammed packed in this short time frame.

Website: https://www.devynstone.info/